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Cameron Teller has spent thirty years practicing the art of nature photography.  Poetic expressions of form and light characterize Cameron’s work; his wildlife photographs are sensitive, his landscapes dramatic.  Cameron chooses to represent objects and scenes with a nod to Pictorialism's emphasis on beauty and Modernism's love of geometry, but he works to ensure that the qualities of every photograph are always on an equal footing with its subject - neither is subordinate to the other. His goal is to present images that, while accurate depictions of nature, seem to transcend reality with a certain staying power.


Having settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Cameron decided to perform a broader range of roles in creating his art, from camera work to developing and printmaking.  He uses only sunlight in the clear New Mexico sky to bring out his handmade platinum-palladium photographs.  This technique is more unpredictable than using artificial UV light, subjecting the result to the variations of seasonality and weather.  Cameron values this participation by nature itself as a meaningful part of making nature photographs worthy of collecting and exhibiting.  The papers he uses are the finest quality acid-free cotton rag, and all mounting and framing materials are archival-quality and acid-free.



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